5 Simple Tips Basic Skin Care For Men

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What is the best basic skin care for men? Men skin care routine should be easy. There is no need for five skin care products and an hour lasting procedures. A basic skin care for men routine only needs to have high quality, natural products that are right for your skin type. Knowing and understanding your facial and body skin type is the key thing. It will be easy for you to select the right products. Wondering what the basic skin care for men routine entails? Well, here is the skin care plan that should be performed daily.

Follow these Basic skin care for men:

  1. Cleanse Your Face – Splash lukewarm water on your face or take a shower in order to open up your pores. Apply a little amount of a facial cleanser. Do not use a bar of soap because it dries the facial skin. It makes the face feel flaky and stretchy. Lather your face with the face wash and rub gently in a circular motion, then rinse with cool water. This will shrink your facial pores to prevent new dirt or oil from entering.
  2. Pat the face dry – Rubbing the face encourages some premature wrinkles. Do not wash your face more than twice a day. This can cause dryness. Moisturize your face after washing. Hydrating the facial skin keeps it smooth and prevents unnecessary oil production.
  3. Apply sunscreen – If you are going to be out during a sunny day, apply sunscreen to prevent ultraviolet damage. Do you often get worried about your forehead especially during summer? Ever thought of how wrinkles on your forehead would change your look? A small amount of anti aging lotion or cream helps keep the forehead smooth.
  4. Body Care – Men’s basic body care begins with a warm or hot shower. This helps open up the pores making it easy for oil debris and dirt to be excreted. In this case, the choice to use a body cleanser or a bar of soap is preferential. For a man with a dry skin, use a body wash as it tries to moisturize. A body wash may contain olive oil, Vitamin E or jojoba oil. A bar of soap leaves the body skin dry. It stretches the skin and makes it feel itchy and flaky.

Is moisturizer a basic skin care regime?

Ever thought of what would happen if your pores got narrow? Well, a body wash instead of a bar of soap could calm those worries. You need to feel fresh and comfortable. After washing, apply a moisturizer. Most men have oily body skin but for the men with really dry skin, a body lotion can be a good remedy. You should apply the lotion immediately after shower. Keep a keen focus on the areas that dry out faster, including knees, elbows, lower legs, hands and shoulders.

  1. Hands Care – The basic skin care for men cannot be complete without the care for hands. Hands are a unique part of the body when it comes to basic skin care for men. Many sports and professions require the use of hands. This makes them susceptible to dryness. They get chapped and could get cracked easily. The best remedy is the hand lotion. It offers hydration without leaving a greasy feeling.

Adapt to the basic skin care for men and feel comfortable. Here are some best skin care brands for men.

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