Facial Skin Care For Men

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Normally, men wash their face with a bar of soap. They scrub it dry and apply face lotion and the game is over. This is not enough facial skin care for men. Adding a few more steps and products to that daily routine could make a great difference. Do you want a healthy looking skin? Well, get rid of that ultra masculine facial care routine and look for a sleek packaging of facial skin care products.

However you need to be aware of your facial skin type. Is it oily, dry, sensitive or normal?  Cleansing, moisturizing and shaving leaves your face looking younger and healthy.

Here are some steps for an ultimate facial skin care for men routine:

  1. Find a good cleanser – Getting a cleanser that works best for your facial skin type helps deeply clean the pores. Do not use the normal bar soaps, they tend to leave the facial skin dry, stretch the skin making the pores narrow. A cleanser with natural ingredients that are geared to your facial skin type is the best product in this case. Here are some tips for using facial cleansers:
  • Using a combination of natural oils will cleanse your face without any irritation. This works for all skin types.
  • If you want to treat acne, get a cleanser that contains benzyl peroxide, glycolic acid or salicylic acid. These ingredients have antibacterial elements that are effective in treating acne.
  1. Wash your face daily

Washing the face more often can dry your facial skin out. You may decide to wash once in a day. May be every morning or at night. If you need to freshen up in between the cleanses, use warm water by splashing it on your face without using any soap or cleanser.  Hot water can dry out your skin.

  1. Do not go to bed while wearing sunscreen or other facial skin care products.

If you applied sunscreen during the day, the best thing is, wash your face before bed. Sunscreen lotions may have ingredients that could cause breakouts if left on your skin overnight. If you do not sweat or slather sunscreen on your face during the day, it is okay to give it a rest and skip cleansing.

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  1. Moisturize daily

After every washing, use a light oily cream to moisturize your skin. This will help retain your skin’s elasticity. You will be free from that itchy and irritating feeling. If your skin is dry, look for a moisturizer that has oily ingredients like argan oil, lanolin, olive oil or shea butter. If your skin is oily, get a moisturizer with lighter ingredients that will not stick on the facial skin for long.

  1. Moisturizing lips

Lips do not have a lot of oil glands like the rest of the facial parts. They are prone to getting dry and crack often. Some of the best options to curb this are lip balms or coconut oil especially during the winter.

Facial skin care for men daily routine is the only way to get that younger looking and healthy facial skin. Make it your habit. If you have a sensitive skin then click here for Sensitive Skin Care for Men.

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